• Graves’ Disease: Quality Of Life And Occupational Disability

    11 May 2009 Graves’ Disease: Quality Of Life And Occupational Disability Pediatrics / Children’s Health · Pharma / Biotech Industry
  • Nurses Occupational Asthma Risk One Of The Highest Of All Professions

    27 Jul 2007 A nurse is over twice as likely to suffer from occupational asthma, Children with vision problems are often misidentified as having
  • Workers With Burnout Less Likely To Receive Occupational Interventions

    13 Oct 2007 Workers With Burnout Less Likely To Receive Occupational Interventions …. Children Viewing Adult-targeted TV May Become Sexually Active
  • ADHD improves with sensory intervention, Study finds

    14 May 2005 Of the children receiving occupational therapy, 95 percent improved. This is the first study of this size on sensory intervention for ADHD.
  • Mental Health Needs Must Not Be Neglected After A Disaster

    2 Apr 2009 Occupational therapists and other health professionals can contribute to the well-being of these children not just by specialist services,
  • Social factors influence dental health, UK

    20 Dec 2004 Among 15-year-olds, children from managerial and professional occupational groups had lower prevalence of obvious decay (47 per cent)
  • ‘Let’s Move’ Therapy Project Boost For Scottish Children – NHS

    10 Jun 2008 was developed originally by two local NHS occupational therapists. “Let’s Move has made a difference to children in Dumfries and
  • Occupational Therapy Students Studying At Canterbury Christ Church

    4 Nov 2008 The students aim to raise awareness of the role of Occupational and help disabled children and their parents lead fulfilling lives.
  • Teaching Autistic Children To Safely Cross The Road Using Virtual

    29 Jan 2008 Josman and Weiss, from the Department of Occupational Therapy at the University of Haifa. The independence of children with autism depends
  • Safer Transportation Of A Child With Special Needs

    14 Jul 2009 “The parents of children with special needs need to know that help is available from a growing number of physical and occupational



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