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  • Custom Made Orthotic Devices No Better than Off the Shelf

    26 Jul 2004 Foot orthoses are devices worn within shoes that allow the foot to function …. Pediatrics / Children’s Health · Pharma / Biotech Industry
  • Study of Pre Vs Custom Orthotics – Visitor Opinion

    12 Aug 2004 Custom Made Orthotic Devices No Better than Off the Shelf …. Children with vision problems are often misidentified as having learning
  • New Internal Orthotic Surgical Technique Helps Those With Flat-Feet

    30 Aug 2005 Acting like an “internal orthotic,” the placement of the implant restores the Pediatrics / Children’s Health · Pharma / Biotech Industry
  • CMS Announces Accreditation Organizations For Suppliers Of Durable

    23 Nov 2006 National Board of Accreditation for Orthotic Suppliers Parkinson’s Disease · Pediatrics / Children’s Health · Pharma / Biotech Industry
  • Pitt School Of Health And Rehab Sciences Announces New Master’s

    15 Feb 2008 “Prosthetics and orthotics is rapidly changing the profession with …. Link Between Anxiety And Balance Problems In Children Suggested By
  • Childhood Obesity Linked To Foot Pain

    21 Jan 2007 Foot and ankle surgeons treat many overweight children with custom orthotic devices (shoe inserts), physical therapy and other conservative
  • Congressional Action On Durable Medical Equipment Could Jeopardize

    12 Jun 2008 American Orthotic and Prosthetic Association (AOPA) Pediatrics / Children’s Health · Pharma / Biotech Industry · Pharmacy / Pharmacists
  • More Than 150 Amputees To Converge On Capitol Hill

    1 Mar 2009 the State Children’s Health Insurance Program (SCHIP), and even Congress’ health insurance plan cover prosthetic and orthotic devices,
  • No More Ugly Shoes!

    17 Feb 2007 “Many patients do very well in an athletic-type shoe with an orthotic.” Conservative treatment is used almost exclusively with children,



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